Sky Burial Nar Phu Part 3 of 4

Climbing steeply through the dramatic rock formation called "The gates of Phu",trekkers enter the remote,high altitude village of Phu,not far from the Tibetan border in the Himalayas. Here they experiance the harsh realities of human life.No electricity or running water and scant medical help. Setting up camp in the village they are asked to attend a Bon Po Buddhist sky burial of a young girl.The ceremony takes place on a remote summit.Priests blowing conch shells to call in the Lammergeier vultures-The Bone Breakers-to carry the bones and girls spitit into the sky. The villagers live by producing their own food and clothing.Weaving,threshing,milling and grinding are all part of daily life.There is little comfort in their smoke filled stone houses in this fortress like villageThe trekkers walk back over the Pangi Pass to Nar village where conditions are similar.