South to North Nepal in Stopmotion

From South to North Nepal in Stopmotion A hitchhiker's journey from the border of India to the border of Tibet, through Nepal's Annapurna range. Recommended to everyone! special thanks to Dipak Tula and his family for giving me shelter and food after I almost drowned in the biggest river of Nepal (You probably have internet by now) Oza from Jomsom for borrowing his camera to let me finish my picture slide after my first one did drown in the river Sunita Gurung for giving me a volunteerjob with the sweetest orphan kids Jum Gurung for having me stay at his place Suman Shahi for showing me a great time through Kathmandu valley Harikrishna for rowing the boat Sugaat Khadgi for bringing me to Nepal Hari Chandra for letting me be volunteerteacher Suman Chhidal - Pawan Karki - Didi Santoshi - Didi Maya -- Kali Didi -- Chet - Christine van Asselt -- Sophie van Bennenbroek - Michael Cacciapaglia - Chetan Bhatta and many more... Dhanyabad!!