Stephens International School Maharajgunj, Chakrapath, Kathmandu — 3, NEPAL

Mission Statement Nurture all round growth of our children through the creation of an environment of connectivity and harmony, which cultivates a passion for learning, a pursuit of excellence and evolution of a community where individuals develop respect for others, competence in their work and integrity of character with the belief that the Truth will set you Free.Our Mission Statement sums up all we hold dear and wish to give to our students and their kith and kin. One way we wanted to present our institution and what it stands for is through the Annual School Day event, which was celebrated on the 13th of October 2012 within the premises of our institution on this bright sunny day.The objective of this Annual School Day was to connect the students with their parents/ guardians and guests in a non- academic environment and to create an opportunity for the parents to interact with the teaching and non- teaching staff of SIS, to create a sense of being part of the SIS Family.Stephens International School caters to the children who have an appetite for trying to understand life, a curiosity for anything, an interest in every moving object both animate and in animate and a pure childish inquisitiveness that makes them our teachers. SIS has students from Playgroup through grade 6, with plans to upgrade classes every year till Grade 10 and beyond. We have sunny, well lighted and spacious rooms where students attend classes and relax during leisure; touch screen based classes using latest technologies; hands on learning in all subjects with emphasis on Extra and Co-curricular activities; spacious area for running and playing; clean environment and sheltered from the air and noise pollution so common in the city. A place to let oneself release the inner creativity. A place to grow. Amidst such an environment where nature is all around, hostel facilities are also available and the school compound is walled and internally self-sufficient with ample water, play area, sleeping accommodation and a peaceful environment among the shade of green trees and pines, reminiscent of Thoreau's retreat at Walden Pond. A place in the city to live, think, create and grow. Our future programs include making place for Study Abroad students who will be part of this world of ours. GAP year students and volunteer students will be welcome, as well as academics in search of quietude to work on their papers under the hazelnut and figs, hearing the whisper of a falling leaf and the swish of the breeze as it whisks the solitary leaf towards the flower pots in the corner. For any information regarding the school please do not hesitate to email us at - [email protected] or Call here: 437 - 3004 / 437 -- 8345 Our website is under construction so please bear with us.