Tackling Nepal Roads – Life on the Edge

Roads were deplorable, and were subject to landslides from their rainy seasons, with many places simply washed away. I survived mainly by not looking - it was really scary passing on curves, driving around cows and people working in the middle of the road, with many many trucks with flats and dust, dust, dust and more dust. But everywhere we went, we saw more of Nepal's wonderful people, living along the road and on the hills and valleys beyond. Many had little, but they all shared a joy of living, a caring for each other and the willingness to share, even with the strangers passing through. Back to the roads, my son Miles perhaps said it best - taken from his overview of the trip: "Despite the fact that Nepal has only had roads for the last 50 years (really), they have managed to become the worst drivers in the world. I thought Naples, Italy was bad. These people drive through intersections without looking. There are NO road signs. We were in this Mazda passenger van, not a lot of acceleration on an incline. WE passed trucks on the valley passes, drops a couple hundred of feet to bare rock below, uphill entering blind corners. It was a bit terrifying the first couple of days, but then it turned into something like watching a movie. "I wonder if we'll make this one." "Wow! the driver won't try that - yes he is, OMG! Sometimes, I'd still get nervous, but I usually tried not to pay attention. Ignorance is bliss and there wasn't anything I could have done about it anyway - and since I am here, we obviously made it home.