The Fulbari Resort & Spa – VISIT NEPAL 2011 .lexlimbu

This is a promotional video of The Fulbari Resort and Spa. I have posted this, to share with you what a wonderful place this resort really is. I wasnt involved nor do I own this footage. The resort is located in the outskirts of Pokhara, consisting of many five-star facilities ranging from *9 Hole Golf Course *Spa Centre *Infinity Pool *Casino Fulbari *Yeti Discotheque *More than 5 Eateries *Helipad *Health Club +Many More. Reccomended to Nepalese and Foreign Tourists. Affordable Aswell. NEPAL TOURISM YEAR 2011 - Lets Make It a Success. Official Website; lexlimbu :) If Youve been there, Share you story, Rate and Subscribe