A book by Gardner Soule with the title "Trail of the abominable snowman" begins with the following quotation : "The Yeti is one of the last mysteries on this earth which remains to be solved." - Norman G. Dyhrenfurth, Leader, American Mount Everest Expedition 1963. The legendary snowman has stimulated the phantasy of people around the world. Starting with an interview between Lord John Hunt, leader of the first successful British Mount Everest expedition of 1953, and Norman Dyhrenfurth, the film follows tracks and other evidential matters to the East, South and West of Mount Everest. An aeroplane, the Pilatus-Porter of the Swiss Dhaulagiri Expedition of 1960, is part of the search efforts. To quote from Gardner Soule's book : "The yetis if they exist", Dyhrenfurth says, "are not only very intelligent but very shy. The only way to track them down is a very slow, patient way moving up one valley at a time. We´ll have to do it in winter, when the snow line comes down to the villages and the yetis have to come down to eat. We´ll have to dress as natives. Carry loads with head-straps as natives. We´ll have to avoid any flashy equipment that would scare the yetis away . . . some day somebody is going to bring in the proof. Some day this particular mystery will be cleared up." Der sagenhafte Schneemensch hat die Phantasie der ganzen Welt angeregt. Ausgehend von einem Interview zwischen Lord John Hunt, dem Leiter der erfolgreichen britischen Everest - Expedition von 1953, und Norman Dyhrenfurth, begibt sich der Film auf die Spuren des Yeti oestlich, suedlich und westlich des Mount Everest. Dabei kam auch der Pilatus - Porter der Dhaulagiri - Expedition von 1960 zum Einsatz.