Tibetan people in Nepal.

To really get to know Tibetans and Tibetan culture, visit one of the Tibetan refugee settlements in Nepal, where the residents are free to talk and will happily share stories of their flight to Nepal during the 1959 Chinese invasion of Tibet. Owned and operated by Thupten Gyatso, who is himself Tibetan and grew up in one of these refugee settlements, Tibetan Encounter offers half day, full day, and 2-day/one-night tours of the refugee camps in and around Pokhara, such as the overnight tour shown in the above video. Come and enjoy a Day Tour in Pokhara and immerse yourself in the Tibetan Culture. Learn about and experience Tibetan Refugees in Nepal. Click Here to Learn About Tibetans in Nepal: https://tibetanencounter.com/pokhara-cultural- tours/about-tibetans-in-nepal/ Click Here to Find Out About Our Day Tours: https://tibetanencounter.com/pokhara-cultural-tours/ Our Website: https://tibetanencounter.com/ Contact Us on Whatsapp - Phone number on our website.