Touring with Hari Om – Episode 2 of Isha Kailash 2010 Travel Journal We took a day off to tour in one of the most spiritually significant cities in the world, Kathmandu, Nepal. With our friendly tour guide "Hari Om", we traveled to a couple sights around the city. Also, Sadhguru explains about Kathmandu's spiritual history. Finally, we got to meet Kala, and hear about her first days on the trip and how she prepared for this most auspicious journey of a lifetime. "Touring with Hari Om" Episode 2 of the Isha Kailash Sojourn 2010 Travel Video Journal. About the Travel Journal... Every year Isha Foundation takes hundreds of participants the journey of a lifetime to the sacred Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. These places are widely known as the most sacred spots on earth and have attracted countless Seers, Seekers, Yogis and Mystics. Since 2006 Isha Foundation has been offering this opportunity to all under the guidance of Sadhguru an enlightened Yogi and Mystic. In 2010, we followed one such group through their journey, documenting all their experiences and emotions; their highs and lows, joys and struggles, tears and ecstasy... Join us through this most amazing trip to the worlds most mystical space... Goto and watch as the adventure of a lifetime unfolds.