Trek to Nepal’s Langtang NP. Episode 13-3min SD

We trek Nepal's Langtang National Park to reach the sleepy Tibetan village of Kyanjin Gompa at the foot of Mt Langtang (7234m). Naturally the sunny weather turns into a snow storm that doesn't help Spike's altitude sickness. For more details visit or visit for more videos. On FB To Get involved And don't forget to subscribe to this channel. It makes a difference. Trek to Mt Langtang or Trek to Kyanjin Gompa Video Details In this adventure our objective was to reach Kyanjin gompa at the foot of the Langtang glacier. We began in a subtropical valley at 1,480 meters. “It’s raining. I didn’t think it could get any worse.” Spike commented. “It’s going to get steeper so it will get worse.” I replied. We spotted Langur monkeys in the distance. Wow, solar hot showers! It continued raining so we decided to stop for the night. Spike didn’t think we needed electricity or running water or comfortable beds since guys with corporate accounts are always staying in high-end suites. But it did have a bathroom right outside the door. We started the next day at 2,410 meters and set out into a surreal forest but were constantly pursued by clouds. You know the water is safe to drink because the horse is drinking it. We stopped for lunch at the village of Langtang at 3,330 meters. It was April so the villagers were in the fields planting their potatoes. Due to the altitude and soil conditions it takes an entire year before the crop can be harvested. By mid-afternoon it began to snow and Spike was feeling the effects of the altitude. We made it to our guesthouse objective by evening.