Trekking Guide of Nepal Chandra Bimali Ressem Firiri psp

Hello Namaste This is me Chandra Bimali. I have been working as a Trekking guide in Nepal for long time. I am specially good in Annapurna Region and Langtang. Recently I am also doing few treak MANSAROVAR Tibet, china. I am staying in kathmandu with my beautiful wife and with 3 children. this is how i am running my life. all my children are school student. life is hard here so i have to work for my family. I did uncountable treak in my life. Some time i also like to play some musical instrument this is useful sometime in treak as well, in village there is sometime musical and dancing program. My lovely people from the different part of the world give me some job by hiring me as a guide if you looking for honest and smiley man. +977 9846302845 is my cell number. or e-mail me at [email protected] . Thank you for watching.