Trekking in langtang .Nepal Cultural Tour. Hindu Pilgrimage Tour .

Being culturally rich country, there are a number of places to have a culture tour in Nepal. Therefore, Trekking Guide Team Adventure believes to help clients to have a tour in such places, brief about the arts, traditions, and architectures of the places where the people abide various kinds of cultures. No doubt that Nepal is a small country with different varieties. It is famous for its unity in diversity, although there is diverse language, culture, religion; customs, tradition and strong belief on own faith, people do have unity and respect on others. It is said that there are over 90 different ethnic groups people live in Nepal, who speak over 100 languages. There are several social and cultural beliefs and customs among these different ethnic groups in Nepal. Subsequently, the way of celebration, observing the culture or festivals, way of wearing things, customs, beliefs and norms etc differ from one ethnic group to another. fore more information Hindu Pilgrimage Tour