TRIP: Trek To Mount Everest Base Camp (Part 2of3)

Just to try something new I thought I'd talk about my trip to Mount Everest Base Camp. Hopefully, this little hodgepodge of pictures, gear overview and travel advice will help motivate you to to get out there and see it for yourself. NOTICE: - Please understand that the photos in this presentation may not necessarily correspond to what I'm saying in the audio track. - This video is based on personal experiences and review of my old journal entries. If you want to attempt a similar journey I STRONGLY recommend you do your own research in preparation for your trip. NOTES: - You need a visa to stay in Nepal. These can be purchased when you arrive in Kathmandu airport. It'll cost you $50-60US. Bring cash as there are no machines available. - When you arrive you'll be assailed by a crowd of taxi drivers who want to take you to their hotel (imagine a movie star being jumped by paparazzi and you'll get the idea). Make sure you have a reservation at a place before you arrive to avoid this hassle. Kathmandu Guest House is the most well known place and is easy to get to. - Spend a day looking at different guide companies and make sure to have a lot of questions prepared beforehand in order to make an informed decision. A two week package with airfare to/from Lukla, guide, room, board, and gear rental ran me about $800US. - Pack Light.Dress in layers. Stick to synthetics since they dry faster. - Enjoy your last shower before you head off on the trek. Clean water becomes more precious the higher you go up. Be prepared to be dirty for 2 weeks. - You can trek from Kathmandu to Lukla. This will add two weeks to your trek time but will better prepare you for the high altitude. - Alternatively you can fly straight to Lukla. It's a faster option but the altitude will hit you harder. - Trek High, Sleep Low. - Go at a slow and steady pace. Take breaks and don't push yourself too hard. - Bring playing cards. Trust me. - It wouldn't hurt to know how to play a few songs on the guitar either. - Don't forget to take pictures. - This is an overview of a trip to Base Camp only. Summiting Everest requires a level of skill and experience that far exceeds my own. That and you also need a license from the Government of Nepal that costs $60,000-80,000US per expedition team. - If you EVER want to complain about how tired you are, take a look at what the porters are carrying. My gear for this trip: - Eagle Creek Guide Bag - Contact Lenses, Solution, and glasses - 2 pair socks - 2 pair underwear - 2 T-shirts - Thermal Underwear - Down Jacket - Hiking Boots - Gloves - Buff Headwear - Sunglasses - Casio Watch - Money Belt with passport, cash, and documents - Iodine Tablets and Tang drink mix - Canon A430 Digital Camera with extra AA Batteries - Toothbrush, Paste, Floss - Pocket Knife - Journal and Pen - Sleeping Bag - Inova Microlight - Nalgene Water Bottle - Sun Screen and Lip Balm Trip Itinerary (by day): 1. Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. Leave unnecessary gear in Lukla. Trek to Pakding. 2. Trek to Namche Bazaar. Purchase gear if necessary. 3. Trek to Tengboche. 4. Trek to Periche. 5. Rest Day in Periche (still trek out in afternoon to help acclimate to altitude). 6. Trek to Dugla. 7. Trek to Lobuje. 8. Trek to Gorak Shep and leave gear there. Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp and return to Gorak Shep. 9. Trek up to Kala Patar and return to Gorak Shep to pick up gear. Trek to Periche. 10. Trek back to Namche. 11. Trek back to Lukla (Shower!!!). 12. Flight Back to Kathmandu. This video shot with a Canon G9 on loan. Travel photos were taken by myself with a Canon A430. Editing done with Windows Movie Maker.