Visit Nepal Cultural Festival 2011 in China

Hong Kong and China Tourism Board धेरै छ गर्नु स्वदेशको सेवा नेपाली बन्नलाई शीर ठाडो पारी नेपाली भन्ने म नै हुँ भन्नलाई स्व गोपाल योन्जन Children sported national flags of countries painted on the back of their hands before entering the Oxford street Zhuhai. They showed excitement and curiosity towards the exotic cultures. A mother surname d Lou said that such showcases of different cultures, including food and beverage,Typical music and other elements, are eye-opening to their children and also fun to enjoy. She and her 8-year-old son had a good time at the multi Culture Festival also in April and the Nepal Cultural Festival-2011 in May by Nepali Musician Hari Shrestha and Chetman Grg in the Oxford street Zhuhai. In the evening, a farewell party for Colombian Nancy Munoz Diaz and her husband, Kirsten Loewe, president and CEO of Epcos, was hosted at Beishan Theatre and ran through early Sunday morning.Guests ranged from foreign-funded senior management such as Klaus Porath, president of the Zhuhai Foreign Investors Sports Club; Karl Inninger, general manager of wholly German-owned Trolli (Guangzhou) Confectionary co ltd, to western and Chinese friends of the departing couple and to staff of Epcos. Over a background of vibrant music and with beer or wine in hand, people chatted over tables in the theatre or in groups inside or on the patio. Epcos staff played poker as a pastime while children chased each other up and down the stage Nancy was busy embracing and talking to friends. While living in Zhuhai for nine years, she became active in the expat community by organising parties and participating in events. She speaks fluent Chinese and has made many Chinese and western friends. "It was a great time, and I have a lot of things that I'm really happy about," she said. Karsten was also actively toasting friends and colleagues. Although German, he will move with his family to Italy early in July. "It was a very good time here, but it's also very good to move on," said Karsten. "I think Zhuhai is a lovely place -- very comfortable, very nice living. I'll miss it here," he said. "All those people are from my company, and we have made good colleagues. I'm not sure if they'll miss me, but I'll miss them. We did our best to bring the city forward." Having resided ten years in China, nowhere else but Zhuhai, JJ said he has deep feelings for this city because a quarter of his life has been spent here. "What I like is I have grown in these ten years and Zhuhai has grown in these ten years as well. We have grown together, and so it's teamwork. I look forward to the next ten years. I'm not planning to go anywhere, as it's a little bit of magic for me and the city to get along together," he said with emotion. "I think it's wonderful that Chinese and westerners have established such close ties in the City of Romance," a staff worker from Epcos said. "It shows that Zhuhai is an open city and people here are open-minded."