Volunteer Hugo Caminero Teaching Drumming to Street Children in Nepal

Rather than pay some astronomical amount to a company that arranges volunteer opportunities in Nepal, Hugo Caminero, drummer with the popular Spanish cover band RETO 999, decided to make his own volunteer opportunity. He bought a dozen drums, hopped on a plane to Pokhara, Nepal, and began knocking on orphanage doors. When he got to the Protection and Rehabilitation Centre for Street Children, they welcomed him with open arms. Modeling his efforts of the program of Carlinhos Brown, a Brazilian born musician who changed the face of the slum known as Candeal Pequeno by teaching its younger residents how to drum, Hugo began teaching the children at the rehabilitation to drum. He arrives every afternoon with two other musicians he met in local pubs, and drills the kids on the art of drumming. In a flash, they morph from a ragtag bunch of undisciplined urchins to a cohesive musical unit, even helping one another out rather than their normal bickering and fighting. This way, not only is Hugo making a difference, he can be assured that every penny is spent on the children who need help, rather than lining the pockets of volunteer organizations who funnel little of the pricey fees they charge back to the agencies they purport to help. To read more about my round-the-world travels, visit my blog, https://holeinthedonut.com