Welcome to Ligligkot Gorkha

During our (Dr. Bal Krishna and Radha Sharma's) visit to Gorkha Nepal in November 2011 from America, we walked up to see the beautiful scenery from Ligligkot, a historical hilltop (about 4,500 ft above sea level) where Ghale kings ruled and lived a long time ago. During the ancient times (Nepalese history explains) the local tradition for selecting the king was based on how fast someone could run up the hill and sit on the king's throne. A shrewd prince named Drabya Shah from a adjoining kingdom cheated Ghale community by starting to run from the middle of the hill and sat on the throne before others reached the peak. Shah dynasty's rule in Nepal started from that time (and they ruled Nepal for 14 generations) and his grandson (Prithvi Narayan Shah who was also a King but got the throne by birth) united many such small kingdoms to create a country we call Nepal today. To our surprise, during our visit on that beautiful Nov morning in 2011, some local people had gathered to welcome us to the place with flower garlands and had organized a welcoming musical event. The instruments they played is called "Naumati Baja" or "Panchai Baja" in Nepali. They played music and showed local dance to us and we also participated in the dance with the locals. It was such a beautiful moment the memory of which will last for life in our minds. Accompanying us on that November morning in 2011 were Dr. Bishnu and Indira Bhandari from Bandipur and Army Major Arjun Basnet and our childhood friend Chandra Sing Thapa from our original village Liglig Simpani of the same Ligligkot area. We encourage everyone to visit this beautiful historical place, see the ruins of the ancient palace, enjoy the music, dance and the warm welcome offered by the locals. If you need information on how to get there please send me a message on here.