Welcome to Nepal – A Glimpse on Tourism Products

Nepal, one of the most beautiful country in the world for travelling. Nepal is the country with the highest point on the earth ( Mt Everest 8848 m. / 29028 ft.) and other many 8,000 ers. Trekking in the base of these Himalayan peaks are amazing and mesmerizing. You will explore and experience the culture of people living in the Himalayas, the religion, their lifestyle with magnificent views of the Himalayan peaks. Along with trekking, Nepal offers other adventure activities such as Peak climbing ( one of the best climbing destination in the world where various options and opportunities are available ). Likewise, rafting in the white waters flowing steeply downward from the high Himalayas gives anyone ultimate thrill and adventure. Jungle safari, Birdwatching, Bunjy jumping, Paragliding and many other activities are in Nepal to enjoy. Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda treatment opportunity in the Himalayan country is nice. So, plan your holiday to this beautiful country. Check our programs in www.djstourism.com | www.trek2himalayas.com | www.nepaliyogatrek.com