Youth Expeditions Across the World – FindingLife Adventures

Global Youth Expeditions Across the World! - Soon you'll be able to travel with us, live the adventure of a lifetime while making a difference in the world. Findinglife is a not for profit organization that combines adventure, technology,education and charitable initiatives to inspire positive change. Global real time expeditions for youth all across the world! From the summit of the world's tallest peaks, the Amazon, the Sahara and beyond! If you're a student and would like to travel with us, then save up your pennies and get your passport updated! We're planning on making our expeditions available to all of you in 2012. Life inspired journeys where your life changes while changing the lives of others. Real stories, real people and the magic is that it all happens in real time. If you're a teacher. registration to follow along is free for your students, sign up at If you're a student and would like to embark on one of our FindingLife Adventures, check out our website at or join our facebook page at If you'd like to help grow our organization so we can make our expeditions more widely available to youth everywhere you can: Hit the "Like" button" Add it to your Favorites and of course subscribe to our channel if you haven't already. Thanks everyone!