Book by Sharad Adhikari Released

In addition to bringing recognition to its author, Sharad Adhikari, the translation of his book Bideshma Nepali Safaltaka Katha into English under the title of Nepali Success Stories Abroad, highlights some social issues in this beautiful mountainous country that he felt needed to be addressed. While the book documents the tales of Nepalis who have left the country and successfully carved new lives for themselves elsewhere, it also tells of the lack of opportunities that are causing the country’s most educated citizens to consider pursuing future goals beyond the borders of Nepal.

Held in Kathmandu, the ceremony to officially release the book was attended by numerous dignitaries and former ministers of Nepal, each saying a few words with regard to their hopes that the current Nepali government will realize that the country needs positive thinking and positive actions to improve the position of the country and retain its citizens. They also expressed the belief that if peace and stability can be restored, that many of the Nepalese living abroad would return to the land of their birth.

As a journalist and author, it took Sharad Adhikari approximately ten years to do his research, write his book and get it published, as it required him to travel across the world to speak to Nepalis, document their stories and compile his manuscript. The book focuses on sixty-six people who are of Nepali descent who left the country to find a new life in other countries. They are scattered over fifty-five countries, including Australia, the United States of America, Europe and Japan. It is estimated that excluding the Nepalis who have moved to India, approximately 3.5 million people have already left the country, and it seems to be a trend that is escalating.

Adhikari spoke to the press saying that he was inspired to write the book after meeting and speaking to Nepalis abroad to write articles to send back to the Samaya Weekly Magazine, as well as the Kantipur National Daily. He started on his journey to document the various fascinating stories in 2005 during a visit to the United States of America, after which he travelled through Europe and then the Middle East to collect stories to include in his book. The book also allows the reader insight into the hardships and difficulties most Nepalis faced abroad before finding their feet and working their way to success.