Nepal Attractions, Tourist Attractions

Nepal is a beautiful country with many mysterious attractions to be enjoyed. Whether you are more interested in culture, religion or wildlife, you can be sure that there will be a number of attractions in Nepal that appeal to you. As with any country, the attractions may require some physical effort – but that is not to say that everything to be enjoyed in this stunning country necessitates hard work. For the young, healthy and physically fit, hiking from village to village in the Himalayas may prove to be an enchanting option. What better way is there to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle than to make use of trails that the people of the country have been using for centuries. Hiking or trekking is also an awesome way to see some of the country’s spectacular scenery.

For the less energetic, there is usually some form of public transportation which will take you to the various cities and towns in Nepal. Once you have arrived, attractions such as Durbar Square, Monkey Temple and Basantapur Tower are usually within walking distance of each other. Make the most of Nepal attractions by planning your trip carefully.