Climbers Welcome Reduction in Off-Season Climbing Fees

Nepal is a beautiful and fascinating country that is very popular with mountaineers aspiring to conquer some of the majestic mountains that make this country unique. In an effort to encourage mountain climbing enthusiasts to visit Nepal during off-peak seasons, Tourism Ministry authorities have reduced mountain climbing fees for all 326 mountain peaks open to climbers, including eight of the world’s fourteen peaks that are above 8,000 meters.

Primarily due to the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, the spring climbing season from March to May is the most popular, with hundreds of climbers flocking to Nepal from all over the world. This activity is a source of considerable revenue for Nepal, as climbers pay from between $500 to climb a small peak, to $25,000 for the privilege of climbing the world’s tallest, and possibly most famous, mountain at 8,850 meters, Mount Everest. Many of Nepal’s spectacular peaks are deserted at other times of the year and this has prompted the Tourism Ministry to introduce reduced fees for the rest of the year. During the autumn season (September to November) climbing fees will be cut in half, while during the winter months (December to February) as well as the summer season (June to August) climbers can expect to pay only 25 percent of the standard fee.

Additionally, for the next five years no climbing fees will be charged for mountaineers who want to climb peaks that are located in Nepal’s far western region. It is anticipated that climbers will take advantage of this offer, with the increased tourism traffic to these more remote areas of Nepal benefiting the people who live there, many of whom are poverty stricken.

Tourism and trekking agencies, as well as climbing organizations, welcomed the news of price reductions, with many expressing confidence that it would boost tourism in Nepal, which took a knock during Maoist rebel activities. Since the Maoists declared a ceasefire about two years ago, Nepal is increasingly becoming the destination of choice among adventurers looking for a holiday experience that is out of the ordinary. With its abundance of rugged natural beauty and its many challenging mountain peaks, visiting mountaineers soon come to understand why Nepal is such a popular choice in mountain climbing circles.