Dhulikhel in Nepal is an Interesting Base for Hikes

Nepal is home to several old historic towns that are worth visiting on your adventure travel to that country. Dhulikhel, which lies about thirty kilometers east of the capital Kathmandu is one such town which flourished in the past as an important link and trading center on the old route between Nepal and Tibet. It stands on the Arniko Highway, or royal route that leads to Lhasa and is still a beautiful town with plenty to see and do.

Dhulikhel offers stunning views of the snowcapped Himalayan mountain ranges. Mountains range from Karyolung in the east to Himalchuli in the west and include Langtang, Ganesh, and Annapurna. One of the attractions of spending the night here is that you wake up to the sun rising in the Himalayas and can watch the changing colors of the mountains. Sunset views are equally spectacular and one sees the mountains in all their majestic glory. Dhulikhel’s pleasant climate is another attraction.

There are several temples with intricate wood carvings such as the Narayan and Harisiddhi temples. The Gokhureswar Mahadev temple in the east is half an hour walk away through enchanting countryside. The Bhagwati temple in the west is at an elevation and offers panoramic views all around. The shop lined buildings in the main streets of the town are also ornately carved.

Dhulikheli is a base for many day hikes and one passes villages of ethnic Buddhist tribes like the Tamangs. Glimpses of birds and butterflies en route will thrill you as you walk through lush green forests with rhododendrons and other trees. The easiest is the hike to Namobuddha and back. Other places which make for comfortable day trips from Dhulikhel are Nagarkot, Srikandapur and Banepa. One can take in the views of the mountains on the way; observe the life in the little hamlets and visit temples and monasteries there. The villagers are friendly even though communicating with them is problem. You will always be assured of a warm welcoming smile. Some of the villages are about three hours away by foot, so mountain biking is an interesting option here.