Nepal Awaits You with Unlimited Adventure Tourism Offers!

In Asia, the Himalayas are the home of adventure tourism, Nepal a trekker, rafter and mountain biker’s paradise. Whatever is your level of competency or thirst for adventure tourism, Nepal has something for everyone – the majestic Himalayas are home to eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world above 8000 meters. Himalayan flora and fauna, untouched for centuries thrive here in abundance, adding a rare visual treat to your adventure tourism trip to Nepal. The great ridges carpeted in alpine flowers, forest of rhododendrons, exotic birds and animals are unforgettable sights while trekking.

There are several adventure tourism agencies in Nepal that are recognized by the government who offer programs all through the year for different activities and sports. One is assured of a certain standard of service and safety when one opts for these adventure tourism Nepal agencies. Do not expect the facilities of the western world but be prepared to really rough it out in the great Himalayan outdoors and you will enjoy it like nothing else you have in your whole life.

Nepal has many rivers starting in the glaciers of the Himalayas that are the early tributaries of the mighty rivers of the plains. They offer opportunities for various adventure tourism attractions like whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayaking at different levels of difficulties. You can glide on calm waters, drinking in the beauty of your surroundings or tumble through the roaring rapids. The pristine river banks offer crystal clear water for swimming and bug free beaches for camping. Climbing, mountaineering, biking, hiking and trekking of different degrees of difficulties await you at every town.

Adventure tourism in Nepal offers you the opportunity to meet with likeminded people from all over the world who share a thirst for adventure, seek new places and want to learn how the rest of the world lives. Further you have the privilege and the joy of interacting with simple village folk who possess nothing by western standards but live a life full of love and laughter and deep family bonds – something no worldly possessions can buy.