Nepal’s 2007 Mountain Bike Rally

Nepal is an incredibly beautiful and rugged country with plenty of outdoor space which caters perfectly to outdoor activities. In fact, the majority of people visiting the country will usually spend some – if not all – of their time hiking or mountain biking the majestic Himalayas in search of the country’s many cultural and natural treasures.

Mountain biking was first introduced to Nepal in the late 1980s and before long the first commercial mountain bike tour company emerged to provide not only equipment but also reliable guides to those who whished to explore the country in this manner. The venture has been largely successful and several others have sprung up in other parts of the country giving the average tourist a bit more choice.

More recent years have started to see the development of the sport on a larger scale in Nepal with both local and international mountain bikers now having access to properly organized mountain biking events. Initial response has always been good and now a local company, Nepal Mountain Bike Tours, has created an annual race designed to attract more interest in adventure sports on a local, regional and international scale. Their first race was launched just last year on the 18 November 2006. It took place on a newly developed mountain biking route and was a phenomenal success. The trail included passages of rugged landscape as well as quiet meanders through valleys and quick rides through local villages. Such trails offer international bikers the chance to see a lot of variety and get a good feel for the country whilst enjoying the race at the same time.

This year the trend looks set to continue with race director Mr. Ranjan Rajbhandari already getting the plans for the second race well underway. The race date has been set for the 3rd of November and the trail will start at Goldhunga and travel to Mudkhu Bhanjyang – Cho Gaun – Dharmasthali – Gattekhola, Chimur gaun – Jhor – Sapan tirtha and then finally end in Tokha.

The second race will also be better sponsored and while Nepal Moutnain Bike Tours will continue to be the main event organizer, the race will also be sponsored by Bungy Nepal, Country Villa Hotel, Himalayan Bank Limited, Mahindra, Khaja Ghar and the Fire and Ice Restaurant. There will be several different categories wherein competitors can race and entries have already closed for the race. It is believed that the 23 km race will greatly benefit Nepal by promoting the country and attracting more foreigners to the country.

If you are traveling to Nepal in November 2007, why not watch the 150 different competitors wheel their way around the country and cheer them home on the final stretch? It’s all part of the fun!