Record Breaking Sky Dive

Nepal is renowned as an adventure sports destination, filled with beautiful scenery. From trekking to mountain biking in the Himalayas, such activities have always attracted thousands of visitors to Nepal each year, and will always remain famous for the treacherous test of human endurance in the form of Mount Everest. Many climbers have lost their lives on the mountain whilst desiring to conquer their fears and fulfill their dreams, and many more will still try. However, putting Mount Everest in a new light while creating a new adventure sport in the country was the aim of Everest Sky Dive 2008.

Everest Sky Dive 2008 was organized by High and Wild UK, Nepal and the Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure establishment. Through their hard work and dedication to the project, more than forty adrenalin junkies signed up for the new adventure, which was inaugurated between the 3rd and the 11th of October 2008.

Solo skydivers and tandem skydivers not only had to navigate across the magnificent Everest terrain below, but also fought extremely cold temperatures and high altitudes. For their safety, skydivers took to the skies at between 18 000 to 29 500 feet and soared their way down to the drop zone, located at 12 350 feet. Twenty-two flights took off during the Everest Sky Dive 2008 with seventy-six jumps taking place. Participants from fifteen different countries took part, which is seen as a major boost for the country by the Nepal Tourism Industry. Holly Bugde was very proud of her jump, as she became the first woman to sky dive over Mount Everest. Camera crews were also forced to make the giant leap to film the historic event from the ground and in the air. Media from various channels made the trip to Nepal to cover this magnificent event and included world renowned stations such as CNN, Kantipur, BBC, Nepal 1 and Channel 5.

Other skydivers who took on the Everest Sky Dive 2008 challenge were Wendy Smith, Neil Jones, Ralph Mitchell, Nima Tamang, Maya Gurung, Thanning Wimmer, Omar F.K. Alhegelan, Namira Salim, Lafta Fareed, Molly Anne Bedingfield, Louis Merod Diesel and Scot Eric Diesel. No doubt, should the opportunity arise, these skydivers will be back for more. The Everest Sky Dive 2008 was a successful venture that brought international recognition and notice to Nepal and its tourism industry.