Tharu Museum in Bachhauli

Bachhauli is a quaint village in the Chitwan District of Nepal, and is located in close proximity to Kathmandu and Bharatpur. Here visitors will find a community that has a rich heritage and culture. To explore the roots of the Tharu people, a stroll through the Tharu Museum is recommended. This fascinating museum takes visitors on a journey into an ancient culture, and explores the traditions, lifestyle and practices of the Tharu. The museum is therefore dedicated to their legacy and promotes their history through the tourism industry.

The Tharu people are believed to have been the inhabitants of the Terai region for over seven hundred years and are considered to be the region’s indigenous group. Due to their dependence on nature to provide them with food and water, the Tharu community has always ensured that they stay close to forests and water sources. Their knowledge in regard to the healing properties of certain plants gave them a form of income, using their medicinal wisdom to heal the sick from a number of diseases. Other occupations that are popular amongst the Tharu include laborers, migration labor, agriculture and farming.

Through modernization and the pressures of an ever changing world, the number of Tharu have begun to decline, leading to the establishment of the Tharu Museum to preserve their history and culture. Attractions, such as the replica Tharu community and cultural traditions depicted on mosaics, lure thousands of visitors to the museum each year. The exhibits in the museum vary from colorful paintings adorning the walls to invaluable artifacts, such as instruments and equipment used by the Tharu. Inside the Gurau Clinic, visitors to the museum will be able to talk to a traditional Gurau and explore the world of healing and medicine in the Tharu community. The clinic also features a plant nursery filled with medicinal plants and a wealth of information. After discovering the wonders of this unique culture, visitors are invited to select a gift or memorabilia at the souvenir shop, where beaded and woven items created by the talented Tharu women are also available. The Tharu Museum is a cultural attraction in Nepal that should not be missed.