Visit the Fascinating Mustang Eco Museum

Situated about a fifteen minute walk from Nepal’s Jomsom airport, the Mustang Eco Museum allows visitors a fascinating glimpse into the ancient history and culture that shaped this beautiful part of the world. Visitors can spend a few pleasant hours viewing all the exhibits in the museum, which includes a fascinating collection of beads, bones, ceramic vessels and pendants, recovered from the ancient burial caves of Mustang, and many of which date as far back as 800 BC.

Other exhibits focus on the culture, past and present, of Mustang. Musical instruments, costumes and dressed mannequins reveal much about Mustang culture and way of life. There is also abundant information on the unique geology of the area as well as information on crops and animals that are farmed and raised in the Mustang region.

The upper floor of the Mustang Eco Museum exhibits herbs found in Mustang and Dolpo. The majority of these herbs have curative properties, the knowledge of which has been passed down through generations. Other herbs have properties that promote wellbeing and can therefore be viewed as prophylactic. National Geographic have worked extensively together with Dr. Tsampa Ngawang, a Nepali herbal doctor (amchi), in documenting endangered Himalayan medicinal plants that are found in Mustang.

Although Mustang falls within Nepal’s borders, it is ruled separately from the rest of the country. As a restricted area, which may only be visited if a permit is granted through a registered trekking agency, Mustang has remained virtually untouched by the outside, modern world, and offers a superb example of ancient Tibetan lifestyle as it has existed for centuries. Known locally as “The Forbidden Kingdom”, Mustang is located in the middle of the Himalayas, tucked away behind the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. It is anticipated that the restrictions on trekking through Mustang are to be relaxed to a degree, allowing more trekkers to explore this exquisitely beautiful region of Nepal.

Not everyone is able to undertake the arduous, but rewarding, trek through Mustang, but the Mustang Eco Museum brings the many intriguing aspects of this fascinating part of Nepal and its people together for visitors to enjoy. The Mustang Eco Museum is open daily between 08:00 and 11:00 and again between 14:00 and 17:00 and visitors should allow at least two hours to tour the museum.