Birganj: Connecting Nepal and India

If you’re traveling near the Nepal/India border and you need somewhere to spend a night, the city of Birganj would definitely be your best choice. While small in comparison to other cities, Birganj is the biggest town in southern Nepal’s Parsa District. It’s location on the edge of the country has given it quite a bit of distinction as a portal town between the two countries.

One of the things that makes Birganj in Nepal quite noteworthy is the fact that it is able to act as the main recipient of exports from neighboring India. The town of Raxaul in India is the final town before the border not too far from Birganj, and so these two cities do plenty of trade. Birganj is situated approximately 190 km west of Kathmandu, so it is quite far from all the excitement of the capital city, but it is only 2 kilometers north of the country’s border, so it truly does enjoy the best position possible for trade between India and Nepal. Its important role in the local economy is probably why the city enjoys a healthy population. According to the 2001 census there were 112 484 people living in Birganj – a figure which has no doubt increased dramatically over the last few years. Due to its location on the border of the country, Birganj is also quite a cosmopolitan town. As many as six different languages are spoken in the town, including Newari, Maithili, Hindi, Marwari, Bhojpuri and Nepali. Due to its size and economic importance, Birganj is the capital city of the Parsa District. The city is largely considered to be one of Nepal’s major business centers and it is heavily involved in cigarette manufacture, the refining of sugar and in fish breeding. If you are looking for something to see or do while in Birganj, you might find the Tribhuvan University worth a visit. The university’s Thakur Ram Multiple Campus is the oldest institution in Nepal’s Terai as it is well over 100 years old. The university has a faculty of science & technology, arts, education and commerce.

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