From Kathmandu to Catwalk

As in any country, in any home or community, there are children dreaming about their futures and the careers they would like to follow. If asked a few years ago, Prabal Gurung, who grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal, would never have guessed or dreamed that his future would make headlines around the world. The story of Prabal Gurung is one of inspiration and determination, and proof that it is never too late chase a dream. Gurung literally went from Kathmandu to the international catwalks, and has made his mark on the fashion industry.

At the age of thirty, Prabal Gurung has gained enough experience to take on the fashion industry, even though many thought he was trying to launch his own label at the wrong time due to the economic situation. But Gurung had his own style in mind and a new target market, which seems to have paid off for him. His ideas and creations have caught the eyes of members of the high society and are now available in four stores around the world, including Dubai. Princess Deena Abdulaziz was extremely impressed with his collection, which now proudly hangs in her DNA boutique, located in Riyadh.

Prabal Gurung worked for Bill Blass for five years, where he mastered the art of tailoring, learnt that you cannot cut corners and worked on a few collections which taught him the whole designing process. After he left Bill Blass everyone expected Gurung to follow the same design style, but as he explained, he designs clothes for the lady “who wants to look beautiful and wear her clothes rather than have her clothes wearing her.” Working with leather, Italian double faced cashmere, wool and satins, Gurung created designs that can only be described as elegant, chic and stylish. Yet his designs allow women to enjoy his creations every day. His work has been so well received that even one of his garments made it on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. Prabal Gurung took a huge chance, throwing his savings into his dream and funding his collection himself. Chasing his dream was the best decision he could have made and has catapulted him into the fashion spotlight.