Hang Gliding in Nepal

Adventure tourism Nepal reached lofty heights with the introduction of hang gliding. Soar like an eagle in the Himalayan skies when you opt for hang gliding over the cities, lakes and mountains of Nepal. The natural beauty of Nepal and the clement weather have made this sport much sought after by the seekers of new adventure tourism in Nepal.

Hang gliding is not powered by engines but depends on air currents. The valleys between the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal provide the perfect atmosphere and surroundings for it. Even if you are a novice to the sport you can be assured that safety factors are well in place here. Be prepared to learn gradually use good judgment and have an appropriate attitude towards this thrilling sport. Even if you are afraid of heights, you have nothing to fear as there is no sensation of falling at any stage.

Hang gliding centers are available in various parts of Nepal. The Pokhara and Langtang regions are popular bases for this and other adventure sports. Hang gliding is also organized by Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp at the Siddha Lake of Nalang – Dhading District using ultra light aircrafts.

Hang gliding does not involve a freefall or a jump off a cliff. You jog down a 40-degree slope with the hang gliding gear in place and you are slowly lifted in the air with the buoyancy of the ‘wings. You are airborne the moment you cross the glider’s stalling speed, which can vary from 15-km to 30-km per hour. You are suspended in a swing harness from the center of the keel and are in control of your position by shifting your weight with the help of the airframe.

Your launches and landings are deliberate but once you are airborne, currents known as thermals that rise upward from the sun heated surface keep you gliding. The first time glider will be surprised at how peaceful one feels in the skies. The experienced glider looks forward to this very calmness and oneness with the world that envelope him as he is soaring peacefully among the birds.