Vipassana Meditation – A Spiritual Experience in Nepal

There are a number of Vipassana Meditation Centers in Nepal and around the world. The courses offered at these Meditation Centers are based on the teachings of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Over the centuries the teaching of Vipassana meditation has been handed down faithfully and is now in the possession of its present teacher, S.N. Goenka.

Today Goenka and all the teachers that assist him, teach these courses at the six Vipassana Meditation Centers in Nepal. Dhamma Shringa is a Vipassana Center located in Dharmashringa, near the Himalayan Mountain range. Dhamma Janani is located in the Lumbini Zone and is overseen by Mr. Gopal Bahadur Pokharel. Dhamma Pokkhara is located near the town of Pokhara and near the Begnas Lake. Dhamma Birat, Dhamma Tarai and Dhamma Kitti are the other three Vipassana Meditation Centers in Nepal.

Vipassana is an ancient mediation technique, which originates in India. The word Vipassana means to have the ability to see things in their true form and as they really are. A Gotama Buddha revived Vispassana meditation 2500 years ago. The Gotama Buddha used this type of meditation as a universal remedy to solve and eradicate all types of problems and mental impurity that people might have.

Vispassana meditation is used to cure diseases and to heal all types of human suffering, which are found rampant in the world today. Vipassana tries to achieve immense happiness in all aspects of a person’s life when they finally realize the freedom they have from all suffering and diseases. People practicing this type of meditation are said to gain a clear understanding of all the scientific laws that control their body leaving them aware, self-controlled and at peace.

According to Vispassana meditation teachers, in order for a person to reach this end result they must transform themselves using intense self-observation and self-exploratory as they try to connect their mind and body. They need to pay attention to all the physical sensations that their body experiences and use these experiences to condition the mind, interconnecting the two and dissolving mental impurities. This process results in a balanced mind leaving the person full of love and compassion for everyone and everything.