Whether you are traveling to or from Nepal, or within the country, you are likely enter at least one of this amazing country’s airports. Most travelers will arrive in Nepal via the Tribhuvan International Airport located in Kathmandu. This is the only international airport in the country and handles a large number of flights from both international and local airlines. From here you will find a variety of transportation to take you to your accommodation.

Aside from the Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal boasts a number of regional airports for quick and easy travel between destinations. These include Pokhara Airport, Nepalgunj Airport, Simara Airport, Bharatpur Airport, Dolpa Airport and Jumla Airport. Whilst you are whisked from one airport to the next, you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes for which Nepal is famous. So whether you want to explore the intriguing sights of the Kathmandu Valley or are planning to head further west for some fantastic trekking, air transport from Nepal’s airports is your quickest and simplest option.


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manish - 2011-05-24 04:51:46

nepal the name itself gives the pride of braveful gorkhalis and scenerary tradition. i love nepal very much it's natural beauty, here culture, tradition makes us to live here and not let to go other country.

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RAMESH - 2011-05-13 04:16:13

I like nepal because in nepal there is a natirul beauty country . and also i am nepali

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shamse kamal - 2011-02-10 20:50:12

very nice nepal

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