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As the home of the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal has seen more than one legendary expedition in its time. No doubt conquering even the lower parts of this beautiful mountain range was viewed as a magnificent milestone by early travelers. Today conquering its most famous mountain, Mount Everest, has become the lifelong dream of many around the world. Still others hope to climb as many of the highest peaks in the Himalayas as they possibly can. Still others are content only to walk the lower lying areas and discover the rich cultural treasures that can be found in small mountain villages and at pilgrimage sites. If you are reading this page, you are likely planning your own Nepal expeditions soon.

The Himalayas, with its many towering peaks, present no small challenge to the average mountaineering enthusiast. Strong winds, heavy snowfall, the possibility of avalanche, high altitudes, extreme cold and thin air all pose very real dangers. Then there is the ever-unpredictable nature of the mountains. Over the years many would-be conquerors of Mount Everest and other mountains have lost their lives in an attempt to live out their dreams. Still others have lost friends traveling with them and have lived with that burden for the remainder of their natural lives. Of course, the most famous expedition ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest was that of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. George Leigh Mallory was the leader of the first all-American expedition up the side of the mountain while Maurice Herzog chose to tackle the dangerous climb up Annapurna instead.

Our brief summary of some of the more notable expeditions in Nepal may inspire you to fulfill your own dream of tackling some of the world’s biggest mountains. It may also make you more aware of the dangers involved, the losses suffered and the level of difficulty involved in such a pursuit. Certainly it will give you a whole new respect for the many early adventurers who have tackled the mountains in Nepal in times gone by. So start reading now and discover the amazing journey of those who have taken this road before you.

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