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Because the standards of roads and road transportation are not generally all that good in the more remote parts of the country, a number of airports in Nepal have been built to provide a more reliable and quicker form of transportation. Unfortunately the expense involved in running and refueling aircraft remains a prohibiting factor for many Nepalese citizens who simply cannot afford the cost of an air ticket. Still, for those from out of the country, flying provides an attractive and not too expensive alternative form of transportation. This also leads to improved economies in more remote parts of the country since travelers who would not normally be able to gain access to smaller cities and towns can now do so more easily – spending their hard-earned cash here on accommodation, shopping and tourist attractions.

One such airport is the Simara Airport, which makes use of the airport code ‘SIF’. The Simara Airport in Nepal is situated at an elevation of 450 ft and has a runway length of 3,740 ft. Like most other Nepali airports, the Simara Airport mainly supports a variety of smaller aircraft, which are less costly to run and maintain and which more than cater to the limited demand. This small airport is slowly becoming one of the fastest growing domestic airports in the entire Terai Region. The airport’s exciting growth has been reflected in the increasing number of passengers that have made use of the airport over the past four years – a number which has more than doubled over the course of this brief period. In addition to the increase in passenger traffic, the Simara Airport has also seen a seven-fold increase in cargo traffic during this four-year period. This certainly has exciting implications for locals, the airport and the airlines which operate from this small airfield.

Currently the airport is being served by Nepal’s two main airlines – Cosmic Air and Yeti Airlines. Both offer regular, direct flights to the nations capital city Kathmandu. A lot of people who want to travel to surrounding cities will often fly to Simara and then find some other form of transport to their final destination, or take a connecting flight to one of the small airfields at these remote locations. Thus, Simara also provides access to harder-to-reach places such as Rumjatar, Tumlingtar, Taplejung, Bhairawwa, Lamidanda, Biratnagar, Phaplu, Luka and Meghauli. So book your tickets now and make use of this great airport.

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