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If you are looking for easy access to the Chitwan District, you might want to consider using the Bharatpur Airport which is located in the city of Bharatpur. Bharatpur is the capital of the Chitwan District, and this makes the Bharatpur Airport in Nepal one of the most important access points to this part of the country.

Despite its relatively small size, the Bharatpur Airport sees a large amount of traffic on a daily basis. The airport is situated in the center of the city and this makes traveling to your accommodation relatively easy. The city itself is quite a nice destination with a number of interesting attractions worth visiting. One of these is the Chitwan National Park. This beautiful national park is one of Nepal’s most popular government-protected parks. It is filled with hundreds of beautiful plants and animals, including some rare and endangered animal species. The Naryani River, the Rapti River and the Gish Hajar Lake are also very popular attractions in or around Bharatpur. The city is also home to the Devghat Temple, the Durga Temple and the Bageshwari Temple, amongst others. All three are very popular tourist attractions. Bharatpur is filled with great hotels and resorts that are popular with both local and international tourists. The city boasts quite a good infrastructure and has hospitals, colleges and a number of shops where you can while away your time looking for bargains and mementos.

Though the Bharatpur Airport is not as big as some other airports in Nepal, it is definitely growing at a steady rate. In fact, the Bharatpur Airport is considered to be one of the fastest growing domestic airports in the country in terms of both aircraft traffic and passenger traffic. The airport is situated at an elevation of roughly 600 ft and it has a runway length of 3 800 ft. The airport code is BHR and there are two main airlines which serve the Bharatpur airport. These are Cosmic Air and Yeti Airlines – both of which are headquartered in Kathmandu. Currently the airport offers one non-stop flight per week to Kathmandu and as many as 21 domestic flights on smaller aircraft to other parts of the country every week. So start booking your tickets to the Chitwan District through Bharatpur Airport now and look forward to a great travel experience.

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