Aarohan Theatre Group - Entertaining and Educational

The Aarohan Theatre Group has been in existence for more than twenty years, being established in the year 1982. It is known as a theatre group that embraces all the cultures, religions and rituals of Nepal, trying to empower the communities and even educate them on important events and topics that influences their daily lives. Aarohan works for the people of Nepal, and in the year 2002, the Gurukul School of Theatre was established.

Through the years, the Aarohon Theatre Group has gained the confidence and the respect of the community. Many of their stage performances have been influenced by religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepali folklore and the landscapes of Nepal also play an important role in their productions. Aarohon is dedicated to perform screenplays that have been written by local Nepali’s, such as Bijaya Malla, Ashesh Malla and Govinda Bahadur Gothale. International plays, including "The Respectable Prostitute" by Jean Paul Satre, "The Elder Son" by Alexandre Vampilov and "The Just and the Outsider" by Camus, were altered to project and relate to everyday Nepali life and become a play the public can relate to.

Drama and theatre has also been taken to the streets of Nepal, through the creation of street theatre. It has come a vital tool in the education of the public on important issues such as HIV/Aids, different cultures, democracy, welfare, the importance of sanitation, forestry, conservation, concerns of environmental issues and even in regard to elections. Street theatre has become an easy way to communicate with the public and educate them on their country in a language they can understand. Bringing information and awareness to rural communities empowers them and assists them in making the necessary changes to their lifestyles. It also encourages the communities to establish their own theatre groups, to voice their concerns and to entertain the crowds.

The Aarohan Theatre Group has also produced a few television series for Nepal Television networks and has been involved in the making of fifteen films, for television audiences. Their voices can be heard coming across the radio waves in the form of radio dramas. The Aarohan Theater Group hosts workshops and takes part in international festivals, where they have won many awards. Their dedication to the people of Nepal and the belief in the work that they are doing ensures that they remain the best and most popular theatre company in Nepal.


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