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Nepal is a beautiful country with a lot of natural areas worth exploring. One of the best ways to see what this stunning country has to offer is to hike around on foot since this offers you the best opportunity to take in your surroundings at a leisurely pace. For those who are not all that fit or who do not relish the idea of spending days walking around with all your necessary supplies strapped to your back in a heavy back pack, there are a number of day hikes in Nepal which would be perfect for you.

One of the best things about hiking is that it gives you an opportunity to explore different facets of a country. If you choose, for instance, to do a number of day hikes to explore southern settlements, you will find yourself enjoying a great cultural experience. The availability of refreshment and shelter in the rural areas makes traveling light very possible. The people at the smaller settlements are often very friendly and if you can communicate well enough with them, they will extend their hospitality to you. Of course, the food may be unfamiliar, but if you are a polite guest you will do your best to look as though you have never tasted anything better. The chance to spend time among the local people and learn more about their customs and values is one of the most interesting aspects of this kind of day hike.

You might also try hiking in one of Nepal’s national parks or reserves. There are number of short trail options available which will take you deep into forests and allow you to get closer to nature for a few hours. Such hikes can be absolutely breathtaking and are definitely worth attempting. Other day hike options include Champadevi, Namoboudha and Phulchowki. You can also hike from Kakani to Bhanjyang and from Shivapuri to Budhalkantha. So don’t forget to pack in your hiking boots when you are getting ready to travel to Nepal. This is the perfect place to go hiking, whether you enjoy a good climb in the mountains or you simply want to relish in the quiet countryside. Make sure that you include at least one short trail in your travel plans.

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