Kakani to Bhanjyang Day Hike in Nepal, Tours, Tourist Activities

If you are thinking about hiking in Nepal, but you do not want to spend more than a day in the wild, then there are a variety of day hikes just for you. Day hikes provide hikers with the opportunity to explore the beauty and splendor of the countryside a few hours at a time. It also allows hikers to hike in different regions of Nepal and experience the great variety of routes and adventures that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Many visitors to Nepal travel to Kathmandu as there are a few hikes that can easily be reached from here. These include the Kakani to Bhanjyang hike. Kakani is located approximately 30 kilometers to the north of Kathmandu and it is the village with the best view of the central mountain range. From Kakani you will be able to look out over Annapurna, Ganesh Himal and Dhaulagiri. It is one of the most breathtaking sights you will ever see. The village is surrounded by a carpet of rhododendrons for most of the year which further adds to its majestic and secluded atmosphere.

The hike from Kakani to Bhanjyang will give visitors a unique look at the Arun Valley with its beautiful landscapes and provide the perfect opportunity to bump into a few of the local residents of the region. The native peoples living here are mostly Rai, Sherpa and Limbus. Bhanjyang is the highest point of the hike and hikers will have the option to walk a little further to explore the Lake Salpa Holy Lake. The lake is situated at approximately 3 414 meters and is a spectacular sight to visit.

Passing through the forests of rhododendron, pine and oak allows hikers to get close to nature and, while stopping off at a picnic area, take some time to soak up the wonder and indescribable beauty of the entire route. Hiking in Nepal is an exciting and rewarding adventure. It opens doors to world that cannot be seen from a car window, flying in an airplane overhead or by looking at a picture. The natural splendor of this region needs to be felt on the breeze, heard through cheerful songs of the birds and seen from a hilltop. Here nothing but beauty surrounds you.

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