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There are a great many art galleries in Nepal which display not only intriguing ancient artworks but also house more contemporary pieces. Much of the art of Nepal is strongly influenced by the Hindu and Buddhist religions that are prevalent in this land. As a result, you will find that most of the historical artifacts bear beautiful images of deities and other related matter. Nepal's art galleries are fairly numerous and you will find that many of those displaying older artworks can more readily be termed a 'museum'.

Nepal’s artistic history has seen many colorful phases – each with its own distinct trademark. For many years, artwork was dictated by a sort of trade standard, which resulted in many similar works being produced. These were in great demand for the decoration of shrines and temples and so there was not much room for elaboration. Certain slight deviations in style and subject matter did occur from time to time and the trained eye will easily use these period characteristics to estimate what era the artwork is from. Much of the artwork currently on display at various museums and galleries has been carefully excavated from a number of Nepal’s mountains.

More recent years has seen Nepal receive more foreign influences and this has clearly been reflected in the contemporary arts. Whilst still usually retaining a dynamic and cultured feel, the artwork has steered away from the religious stereotypes of the past and become more of an expression of the artists thoughts and emotions. As you visit the various art galleries in Nepal, you will find works from both well known artists and artists still struggling to make a place for themselves in the busy world of art. Visiting art galleries is one of the best ways to unwind after a long trek or a hard day of haggling with shopkeepers in the various markets. Make sure that you spend at least a little time at one or two of Nepal’s art galleries while in Nepal. To ignore these little collections of color and culture would be a real crime!

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