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Nepal is a very interesting country with a long of history. As the center of the Buddhist faith and the home of Mount Everest, this country has become a sort of pilgrimage point for many people around the world. But just what exactly is the history of Nepal? What is the origin of the many interesting family groups that can be found in this beautiful country? What sort of culture have they enjoyed over the centuries and what sort of handicrafts have they employed in their day-to-day lives? These are the sorts of questions that you can expect to find answers to at the many excellent museums in Nepal.

There quite a large number of Nepali museums so you might find yourself struggling to decide which ones you want to visit and which ones you’d rather give a miss. The National Museum of Nepal is definitely not one to be missed. In fact, this is probably one of the best places to start since this government-sponsored museum will give you the most information about the history and culture of Nepal. The Natural History Museum, on the other hand, will give you a decidedly different look at the progress of the people of Nepal. The National Woodworking Museum and the Bronze and Brass Museum are focused mainly on the development and adaptation of these forms of crafts over the years. Both are very interesting to see since both skills have been lavishly employed in many of the temples and palaces in Nepal over the years.

The Hanumandhoka Palace Complex is a great place to go if you would like greater insight into the lives of the rich and famous in Nepal. This magnificent series of buildings have a strong cultural heritage and strong sense of tradition that can be explored as you make your way through the buildings. Also worth considering are the Patan Museum, the Tribhuvan Museum, the Pajarimath Museum and the Kapilvastu Museum. Each has its own individual approach to a particular subject matter and this keeps museum visits entertaining. Of course there are quite a few more great museums which are not even mentioned here, so take a look at the ones we feature to get a better idea of what each museum offers.

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