Adventure Tourism on Two Wheels – Mountain Biking in Nepal

Adventure Tourism in Nepal has usually meant climbing, trekking and white river rafting. Another form of adventure tourism which gives you the opportunity to fit all these in while you move across the country at your own pace is mountain biking. Nepal offers some of the finest bike trails in the world and is rapidly gaining recognition for this. Millions of tracks amidst stunning mountain scenery, breath-taking descents and endless single-tracks make Nepal a mountain biker’s paradise. Nothing can be as adventurous as wandering through the hills and trails of Nepal, taking in the sights of the towns and villages, terraced paddy fields and gurgling streams.

Mountain biking as a form of adventure tourism that Nepal has to offer takes you almost anywhere that is accessible by foot. Learn about the country and its people and culture at your own pace, stopping where you like, for as long as you like. It is as good as trekking by bike. Mountain biking allows you to fit in more activities into your vacation, avoiding whatever you do not enjoy.

Adventure tourism is well set to accommodate the independent traveler as most routes are well known and equipped with facilities for trekkers all year round. There are frequent lodges and supply shops and little chance any personal threat. You will be able to rent a mountain bike and necessary equipment at a reasonable price and see the country at your own pace.

It is not uncommon to meet groups on biking vacations lasting from one to four weeks here. It is after all the perfect way to take in the wildlife parks, high mountain passes, mountain flight drops, roped suspension bridges or cable river crossings. All through is the bonus of the snowcapped Himalayan peaks as a spectacular backdrop.

There are several Buddhist monasteries and temples that have been visited rarely as there is no motor able road. Pilgrims walk the entire way but now it is very popular with mountain bikers who take in the local scenery and the temples too.