Birding in Nepal

When one thinks of Nepal the thought of beautiful temples and prayer flags that float in the wind and of course the area is home to most adventuresome mountaineering the world has to offer. But few if any think of Nepal as a place for bird watching. Being one of the most relaxing and educational experiences one can witness, birding has started to gain in popularity in the region.

With over 800 known species of birds throughout the area, one can travel Nepal doing nothing but bird watching. The area’s rivers are home to egrets, herons and sandpipers and are best seen in the Chobar gorge. For those who are trying to add a rare sighting to their book head to the Phulchowki area, which is 2800 meters southeast of Kathmandu, where one might get lucky and witness the Red-Headed Trogan which was last seen in 2000 after hiding from the public eye for 44 years.

Another great place for sighting birds is the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Home to over 450 species many of them water birds; Koshi Tappu is probably the best place to see these creatures of flight. The best time to witness the many birds of Nepal is in late fall or early spring when many of these birds migrate down from Siberia and other highland areas.

As always when traveling remember to get any permit that might be required, bring plenty of food and water, leave the area as you found it, have proper clothing and bring along a powerful pair of binoculars to better see the birds of Nepal.