The beautiful city of Dharan, in the Sunsari District of Nepal, has a rich and colorful history that can be traced back to the time of the Kingdoms of Limbuwan, in 1584 AD. The traditions and culture of this vital trading centre add to the magnificence and uniqueness of the city and its diverse population. For tourists and visitors, Dharan does not only offer historical treasures to explore, but is home to a vast range of attractions and activities to enjoy, and visitors will experience an unforgettable vacation in Nepal.

Some tourists are lured to Dharan through its endless number of noteworthy sites and natural wonders that include the Dharan Clock Tower, Gupha Lake, Arun Valley and Makalu-Barun National Park. Churches and temples in Dharan are not only places of worship, but architectural masterpieces, and visitors are also recommended to attend some of the vibrant festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. There are an abundance of activities waiting to be discovered, such as paragliding, cable car tours, a mini zoo, white water rafting and archeological ruins. Each day, the community works towards creating a tourist friendly city, for all to enjoy.

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