Water Sports in Nepal, Outdoor Tourist Activities

Water sports in Nepal are an absolute highlight for all those who would love to have an unforgettable adventure of a life time while vacationing in Nepal. All over the world travelers are welcome to come and enjoy the excitement and exhilarating feeling of all kinds of water sports in Nepal.

There are a many white waters and fine rivers in Nepal, which offer excellent opportunities for water sports, and of course there is something for everyone. Rafting, canoeing and fishing are all very popular in Nepal. Imagine gliding along calm, sparkling waters surrounded by magnificent scenery, or rush through roaring white water rapids – whatever your preferences are, Nepal caters.

Rafting in Nepal provides you with the chance to view the beautiful countryside while enjoying the sights of traditional Nepali houses sitting on the hillsides and slopes. Rafting is truly spectacular in Nepal with lush tropical gorges that will give you the roller-coaster ride of your life. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for river rafting sports, with many staircase rapids that challenge the body and spirit of anyone. Tourists can also enjoy overnight trips and packages where you can camp on sandy river banks.

In Nepal another enjoyable water sport is kayaking. This is usually an individual water sport. Kayaks are made from a special type of plastic and have flotation devices. Kayakers move through the water with a double blade paddle, and are able to work through the rapids facing the many challenging obstacles on the rivers. The sport of kayaking has become increasingly popular in Nepal and it is ideal for the average recreational boater. So come and enjoy an outstanding kayaking holiday in Nepal.

Nepal also boasts plenty of fishing spots. In fact, it is the world’s second richest country in water resources with a number of rivers and lakes that are ideal for pleasure fishing and angling. Picture yourself standing beside a crystal clear lake, casting out your line and breathing in the fresh air.

Nepal is the perfect adventure destination for water sport lovers. Experience the stunning waterways and beautiful scenery in Nepal.

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