Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal, Outdoor Tourist Activities

There are many ways to see the beautifully diverse Nepal, but nothing quite compares with a hot air balloon ride - it’ll be an hour that you will never forget. One such example is the hot air balloon sunrise ride. It is truly breathtaking as you gaze 360 degrees around upon the most magical scenery. It all begins as you gently rise over historical temples, roofed houses tiled in red, lonely stupas and fields painted in colors from nature's palette. Then suddenly your eye catches sight of the majestic range of the Himalayan mountains, capturing some of the most rugged beauties such as Langtang Himal and the greatest of them all Mount Everest, snow capped and bathing in the gentle rays of the early morning sun.

During your gentle ascent you will float to about 1200 to 1500 meters, which will bring you close to the 3,000 meter mark made by many adventurous mountaineers. Perched in an enchanting wicker basket you will leisurely move above the well-known Kathmandu Valley rolling beneath you. An interesting fact about hot air ballooning is that it is one of the oldest methods of air travel in the world and considered the safest of them all to date.

Nepal’s climate is ever changing, therefore it all depends on weather conditions. With this in mind it may be advantageous to get confirmation as to the best time to go hot air ballooning in Nepal and base your holiday accordingly. However, it may be essential to do this closer to the date you wish to leave, so as to have a realistic forecast of weather conditions. Nonetheless, hot air ballooning should rather be kept as a flexible event should you wish to avoid disappointment.

Some interesting points to note: There is no age limit for hot air ballooning, however, a moderate fitness level is still necessary as you will need to stand the duration of the flight and after landing you may also be required to walk through paddocks. Small children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Bear in mind the walls of the baskets are about four feet in height, making it difficult for children to see over. If you’re wondering what you should wear, it is best to base clothing choices according to what would have been worn if you had decided on hiking, therefore it includes sunglasses, cap, gloves and boots or a strong pair of shoes. Lastly never assume you have enough memory or film in your camera always take more than less, you’ll never forgive yourself when you have to let an awe inspiring view pass you by.

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