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Khaptad National Park is absolutely stunning and you can enjoy hiking and some short walks in this most captivating destination. Khaptad National Park is located in the far western region of Nepal.

Khaptad is Nepal’s newest National Park. It was established in 1984 and covers an area of 225 km squared. At Khaptad National Park there is so much to see and
experience as it is rich in natural beauty and is surrounded by the Api
and Saipal Himalaya ranges. You will be amazed at the stunning views around
you, giving you a feeling of peace.

The Khaptad National Park in Nepal offers a wonderful experience for the visitor as it represents one of
the few remaining mid-mountain ecosystems in Nepal’s Himalayas.
There is a small tranquil lake in a marshy area called Khaptad Daha, a
religious site where Hindu pilgrims come to worship. The Late Khaptad Baba spent 50 yrs mediating
and worshiping here, where he lived in a cave on the eastern side of the National park. Many pilgrims came to
seek his blessing and advice. Khaptad Baba became recognized as a spiritual saint. There is a festival in Nepal that
celebrated every year on his behalf.

The Khaptad National Park has many species of flowers with over 135 found
in the Khaptad Grasslands. One particular species is a white flower that looks like a
rose but it is so poisonous that if you come up close it can be lethal. There
are also many medicinal herbs to be seen.

The park also has 226 bird species, among them are Impeyan pheasants, also the
national bird of Nepal, the Lophophorus, and many others. The park also
provides habitat for some 20 different species of animals. The most common
are leopard. A wide variety of colorful butterflies, moths and insects are
also an important feature of the Khaptad ecosystem.

The Khaptad National Park also consists of mixed conifer and tall firs.
There are beautiful oak trees in the park and thick strands of bamboo.
The park provides good habitat and cover for the animals.

The easiest access to the Khaptan National Park is to fly to Dipayal,
Chainpur, Sanfebagar or Kolti, from where it is a few days hike to the
Nepalese National Park. The Khaptad National Park is a marvelous destination to visit.

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