Tourism, Travel and Attractions in Bharatpur Nepal

Nestled in the Chitwan Valley, is one of Nepal’s largest cities, which continues to grow and develop as the years pass, namely Bharatpur. Located near the cities of Gorkha, Pokhara and Kathmandu, Bharatpur is easily accessible by road and due to its extensive transport network, the city has also become a leading industrial hub. Being an ever-evolving economic centre has contributed to the population growth of Bharatpur, and one industry that has enjoyed the fruits of the bustling city is tourism.

The economy of Bharatpur and the Chitwan District has always relied on agriculture and today, the poultry industry, mushrooms, floriculture and honey, are still supplying the rest of the country. Leading international companies such as San Miguel and Coca-Cola have made the city their home and service related industries have sprung up to fill the demand. Wholesalers, retailers, trading houses and businesses have established themselves in the economic hive of activity that has flourished. The Bharatpur Pilot Training School was the first of its kind to open in Nepal, and is the only private pilot training centre in the country. Bharatpur also boasts with the best cancer hospital in Nepal, and its patients come from far to receive treatment here.

Transportation to and around Bharatpur is serviced by the Bharatpur Airport, micro buses, taxis, hire vehicles and buses. Visitors are also recommended to try a rickshaw ride in the city, which is not only a unique experience, but contributes to the locals who offer this form of transportation. Tourist can find comfortable accommodation in the hotels, lodges, guesthouses and bed and breakfast establishments in and around the city, of which the most popular include Jungle Resort, Wildlife Camp, Royal Safari and Tiger Top Resort.

When it comes to attractions and noteworthy sites, Bharatpur has a diverse variety of locations to visit. For outdoor enjoyment, the Bish Hazar Lake, Chitwan National Park, Narayani River and Rapti River are recommended. Here visitors will be able to enjoy some of the most picturesque views in the district, catch a glimpse of the wildlife and explore the bird life. Buildings and sites of interest include Devghat, Bageshwori Temple, Kalika Temple, Ganeshthan Temple, Kasrra Palace, Upardanghari Fort, DAO Building Bharatpur and the Diyalo Bangala Palace. To purchase a few souvenirs and memorabilia of the time spent in Bharatpur, the Narayangarh district is the shopping area of the city. Bharatpur is a city that is alive with prospects and development, but remains a city that protects its history and conserves its land for present and future generations to enjoy.

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