Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek in Nepal, Mountains, Travel

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, has thousands of visitors each year paying homage to the many temples and shrines there. Apart from the religious aspect visitors also come to enjoy the exciting activities and entertainment available in and around the city. One of these activities is trekking or hiking, which includes both one day hikes and hikes that take you away for a couple of days.

Kathmandu Valley Rim is a wonderful hike to start off with if you do not want anything too strenuous. What this short trek does provide you with, is stunning picturesque views of the countryside, snow covered mountains that surround you and of course Kathmandu city. The Kathmandu Rim trek takes you around the rims of the Kathmandu valley like its name suggest. What makes this hike different from some of the others is that, although it is an easy hike, you will need tents for camping as you will be away for three nights.

For families or groups of friends this is the perfect excursion and has been designed specifically to cater for such groups. Even if you have younger children with you the Kathmandu hike is perfect as it is more of a leisurely walk than a fast paced hike with a time limit. The hike gives people who are visiting the country for the first time a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local Nepalese people, their culture and lifestyle. As part of the Kathmandu Rim hike you will pass through some of the traditional villages and have an opportunity to see first hand how they live.

The total length of the Kathmandu Valley Rim experience is ten days, which incorporates other highlights to give you the complete Nepal experience. On the first day you are taken to Kathmandu city and settled in for the evening. The next day you are given a guided tour around the city to give you an opportunity to see the temples and try some of the local cuisine. The third day is when the real hike experience begins. You will see the Himalayas mountain range in the distance and will be able to identify majestic Mount Everest – the tallest mountain in the world.

On the sixth day of the hike you will make your way back to Kathmandu. Don’t worry your adventure does not stop there; you will also get to see the Chitwan National Park and go on a full day safari through the jungle before ending the trip and heading back home with all your wonderful memories.

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