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Nepal is splendid in all its beauty but it has one really outstanding attraction: Mount Everest. Since the first ascent by Edmund Hillary and his team, people have pilgrimage to this destination in awe. Some say the best view point of Everest is taken from the Everest base camp. However, Gokyo Ri, Machharmo Ri and Renjo La will give you a superb view of the ever famous Mountain.

Located 20 miles from Mount Everest’s summit lies an area called ‘Gokyo Lake Valley’, rewarding you with timeless views and occupied by an isolated, traditional settlement. A great option is to take advantage of the variety of treks available; these consist of one day excursions to a full twenty days. However, a good general overall trek would consist of about 12 days, such as the ‘Gokyo Lake Trek’. Like most in this area the Gokyo trek has been graded as strenuous, and so requires great effort, energy and stamina.

The excitement starts with your arrival at Kathmandu. Day two is allocated for the familiarization of this intriguing country, its people and culture. Day three begins your trek with a short flight to Lukla. Unfortunately there is no way around this besides a ten day hike and thus Lukla becomes the staging ground for all treks within Nepal. Two nights are spent in Namche Bazaar village allowing time to acclimatize; this is very important if your ascent is to be successful and is the main point to which all trails converge. Namche village is also regarded highly as a major trading center for the region of Khumbu.

It is at this point that the trek becomes its own, as you follow the Ngozumpa glacier river run offs. The next stop is at the Machhermo village where another day of rest and acclimatization is required. For those who feel they have the energy to take advantage of Machhermo Ri, the climb is worth its view from on top. The following day brings you to the treks namesake, Gokyo Lake Valley. On arrival a cluster of clear cobalt blue lakes follow alongside till you come upon Gokyo village, sitting at the base of the ever dark rocky mound of Gokyo Ri (18,300 feet). From on top of this small hill, a panoramic 360 degree view of the Himalayas is attained like no-where else.

From here, the trek takes you past Renjo La, leading trekkers to the next valley. One slowly becomes acutely aware that the surrounding views are noteworthy in their own right as you slowly move away from the valley. The following three days head straight onto new territory leading the trekkers to the village of Namche Bazaar, back onto the general trail to Lukla, ending the adventure in Kathmandu on your way home.

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