Trekking in the Langtang Valley in Nepal, Mountains, Travel

Near Kathmandu, lies the majestic Langtang Valley. It is a region that is known for its beauty, spectacular views and diverse ranges of landscape. Langtang Valley adds a piece of wonder to trekking in Nepal and the Langtang Valley Trek is not just recommended as a natural adventure but as a cultural expedition. The mountains of Nepal are amongst the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.

From February to June the temperatures are warm and the mountains of Nepal are alive with color, animals and newly sprouted plant life. It is the most favorable time to challenge yourself, by trekking in Nepal, and enjoying the beauty that is found on the Langtang Valley Trek. From July to August, the monsoon season is in full swing and even though it is possible to trek in the rain, it is a less pleasant experience.

Hidden amongst the ridges and curves of the Langtang Valley, trekkers will be able to learn and spend time with local villagers, such as the Sherpa and Tamang that live in this region. Endless green pastures are protected by the local inhabitants of the area and their livestock graze in the clearings between the dense forests. Trekkers will also see prayer flags on many of the routes and experience the various traditions and cultures that are practiced here. Depending on the trek that is chosen hiking the Langtang Valley Trek can take between seven to sixteen days; day treks are also available. The Langtang Valley Trek includes hiking through the National Park where trekkers will be able to view a large range of approximately 250 bird species, including the Pika (Nepal’s National Bird) and many other animals such as the snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, red pandas, ghorals and the Himalayan black bear. The Langtang Valley National Park was the first National Park in Nepal and was established in the year 1971. Trekkers can also look forward to a few breathtaking peaks including Langtang Lirung at 7 425 meters, the 6 918 meter Shalbachum and Kimshun with a respectable summit of 6 745 meters.

As a major attraction, the mountains of Nepal have secured a faithful and growing industry in trekking. Trekking in Nepal is growing every year and treks such as the Langtang Valley Trek provides hikers the opportunity to see nature up close and become a part of the majestic summits and ridges that define this fascinating and incredible landscape.

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