Mustang Trek in Nepal, Mountains, Travel

Nepal is a beautiful country filled with so much history and tradition, a lot of which is linked to the Hindu and Buddhist religion. Mustang is one of the regions that make up Nepal and the local people often call it "The Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal" - a name which is quite apt for the region. Mustang is located in the middle of the Himalayas mountain range making it quite a harsh and barren region.

It is here that one can see how the true Tibetan people live as they have had little if any contact with foreigners and modern technology, continuing to live as they always have. Although the Mustang region is a part of Nepal it is ruled separately and independently from the rest of the country. You may wonder how this intriguing part of the country continues to go on as it always has with no interference from tourists? The Mustang Kingdom is a restricted area with relatively few tourists or foreigners gaining access to this part of the country every year.

Adventure Consultants gain permits which allows them to take a small group of people in and around Lo Monthang, the main center of the Kingdom. This incredible privilege costs but in the end it is well worth the money spent if you view it as part of an ecosystem and a culture that is slowly diminishing.

The Mustang Trek begins in the capital, Kathmandu, where you are given a tour of the city and settled in for the night. The second day you travel by plane to Pokhara and then again the next day to Jomsom where you are given a tour of the surrounding area. Jomsom village is beautiful placed just under a group of compact mountains called Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, which stand at a height of 8000 meters. The tour doesn’t end here; Muktinath is the last destination bringing everyone to the edge of this mystery kingdom. Muktinath is a monastery used by both Buddhists and Hindus and is considered a sacred and holy building.

From Muktinath you are taken on horseback down through the cliffs to the lower parts of Mustang where you are able to see the vast Kali Gandaki River. You are led through a number of passes in the upper parts of Mustang, like the Nyi La pass that stands at a height of 3990 meters. As we head to Lo-Monthang, an impressive walled town, stop-offs will be taken in villages along the route for the nights rest. Lo-Monthang is extraordinary and one can understand why if you consider the fact that the Mustang Raja, or King, has taken up residence here. After exploring the village and its red walled monasteries and temples the adventure comes to an end and the trip back to Kathmandu begins.

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